Sustainable travel

GreecePrivateTransfer is happy to announce that we have engaged with the Travelife for Tour Operator & Travel Agents scheme. Travelife is an internationally recognized ,GSTC-Global Sustainable Tourism Council accredited training , management & certification program in Sustainability in Tourism.

Travelife is a three stage certification program for tour operators & travel agents :

  1. Travelife Engaged
  2. Travelife Partner
  3. Travelife certified.

We are at stage 1 -Travelife Engaged . We are working to move forward to stage 2-Travelife Partner. To reach this stage we must meet the standards of over 100 sustainability criteria that can be grouped into five key areas : Office operations , Product development , Working with suppliers , Customer relations and Destinations.

Through regular training , raised awareness among our staff & our suppliers , developing a culture of sustainable management and practices. GreecePrivateTransfer aims to achieve the certification Travelife certified , the third and highest level of the Travelife certification scheme by 2025.

Our aim is to strengthen our commitment to sustainability management and to turn it into consistent sustainable business practices in Tourism. From an industry ethical perspective, we believe sustainability statements should be third-party justified and certified. That’s why we chose Travelife for Tour Operator & Travel Agents for our sustainability engagement.

Sustainability Policy

In the ethos of Greece Private Transfer, Sustainability is a key factor and the elements below represent our policy on this important issue. All of these elements have been carefully chosen, implemented and are monitored to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Greece Private Transfer is proud to be a member of Travelife, along with so many other organisations, large and small.

1)   Internal Management and Employees.

  • Employees may be members of a union if they wish.
  • Employment only of adults of working age.
  • All employees to receive signed contracts of employment. Copies held in Greeceprivatetransfer’s offices, in every vehicle, and copies sent to the Labour Ministry.
  • Salary, Insurance and Overtime are paid in accordance with the National Collective Labor Agreement with rates of pay at the statutory minimum level, at least.
  • No discrimination – all employees have equal opportunities irrespective of age, gender or religion
  • No employee is subject to forced labor.

2)   Internal Facilities Management

  • Avoidance of printing documents. However, if unavoidable, double-sided option to be used.
  • Re-fill ink cartridges rather than buy new ones.
  • Use of internet for promotional brochures and literature, rather than produce paper copies.
  • Use only items that can be re-cycled and avoid single-use products.
  • Use eco-label cleaning products.
  • Led lights are installed.
  • Single/double toilet flush is installed.
  • Switch off electronic equipment rather than leave in stand-by mode
  • Use re-fillable water bottles instead of single-use plastic ones.
  • Have a device or any product mended, if possible, rather than obtaining a new one.

3)  Tours and Activities Management

  • Cooperation only with licensed tour guides.
  • Offer to tour guides, leaders and representatives rates of pay that are equal to, or above, the National Collective Labor Agreement.
  • Offer guidelines to clients about dress code when visiting monasteries or other places of religious interest or regarding photography when visiting military or other sensitive areas.
  • Support the local community and commerce by promoting the local food produce and other products.
  • Respect the local wildlife, flora and fauna.
  • Prevent the purchase of illegal souvenirs.
  • Keep all vehicles in accordance with the highest European Emission Standards, Euro V1

4)  Partners and Stakeholders

  • Inform our Partners and Stakeholders about our Sustainability Policy and invite them to join us in the alliance.
  • Provide them access to Travelife material about Sustainability.
  • Give preference to Partners and Stakeholders that are Travelife Partners or Certified.
  • Contract agreements contain clauses in relation to sexual exploitation, child labor, discrimination and corruption.
  • Follow strict procedures in case of complaints from our clients.